Operating System

  • Debian 8 with XFCE

Compilers and Interpreters

  • GCC/G++
  • Clang, Clang++
  • OpenJDK
  • Python

Editors and IDEs

  • Codeblocks
  • Eclipse
  • Emacs
  • Geany
  • Gedit
  • Gvim
  • iPython
  • Kate
  • Kwrite
  • Mcedit
  • Scite
  • Vim


  • DDD
  • GDB
  • LLDB
  • Valgrind


  • GCC, G++, libstdc++
  • JDK
  • Valgrind

There are two ways of submitting solutions:

  1. Via the contest system at
  2. Using the submit script, e.g. for the task with short name abc:
    submit abc.cpp or  submit abc submission.cpp
    Submissions sent using the script also reach the contest system. In the event of network failure, the solution is automatically sent to the system when the connection is reestablished.

You can:

  • Make test runs of your solution in the contest system. They consist of running your program on test data specified by you. Output is not verified for correctness. Test runs are not counted as submissions.
  • Print your solutions. The link to the printing website is available in your browser.
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