Excursion day

Excursion day

The first option is to visit Żelazowa Wola – the birthplace of Fryderyk Chopin.

The greatest Polish composer, Fryderyk Chopin, was born of French father (soldier of Napoleon army, who fell in love and stayed in Poland) and Polish mother. His relatively short life (39) can be divided in two parts. His first years until he was 20 he spent in Poland, mainly Warsaw, during which his first nocturnes, mazurkas, sonata, polonaises, variations and both beautiful piano concertos were composed, while he was still a teenager. The remaining 19 years he lived in France, mainly Paris, where he composed most of his famous piano works.

Żelazowa Wola was the birthplace of Chopin. He did not live long there – only few months, after which his family moved to Warsaw. In Żelazowa Wola there is a house in which probably Chopin saw the first light beams in his life . The museum contains some artifacts from the epoque. The collection is not rich – much more can be found in the Chopin Museum in Warsaw. But what is nice in Żelazowa Wola is the possibility to listen to a live concert. The piano is located inside the building, the doors are open and the audience enjoys listening to the music in the park. If we are not late, we will be able to attend at least in part of such live performance.

Anyway, the park around the manor house is very nice. Walking along beautiful flower paths with Chopin music discretely accompanying us can be a real pleasure.

Radziwiłł Palace in Nieborów together with its romantic garden provides a nice reminiscence of aristoctatic manors of last centuries. Radziwiłł family was one of the richest in Poland and they were able to create a masterpiece of architecture and art in everyday living. Such a pearl is their palace in Nieborów together with nearby romantic garden in Arkadia, which they possessed until 1945.

The museum exhibits furnishings and collections of sculpture, paintings, bronzes, silvers, porcelain, glass, clocks and books. It was also supplemented by the works of both fine and decorative arts from collection of National Museum in Warsaw. Palace and the regular (French) Garden in Nieborów as well as English (Romantic sentimental) Garden in Arkadia were renovated and made available for visitors as Palace-Garden Residence.

In 1945, together with establishing museum of interiors, the Creative Works Centre for writers, artists and scientists was founded. It is situated in the rooms on the third floor of the palace and in Hunting Pavilion. Nieborów Museum serves also as the venue for international conferences and diplomatic meetings.

If you prefer more dynamic excursion, we would like to invite you to a beautiful, picturesque kayaking route along the Orzyc River. The route begins at Smrock Manor and ends at Przeradowo. The length of the route is 16.5 km, and the trip duration is about 4 hours. The river meanders in the entire section and has very varied banks. Beavers are an additional attraction. The river is very clear (up to 2m deep) and you can see many species of fish in it. We hope you will enjoy the intact nature of the northern Mazovia region.

Either way, we hope you’ll have a lot of fun!

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